I don't believe that HR has to be a "black box." When people are involved, there is complexity, that's inevitable. I can help you see it for what it is, make it manageable, and take control of it.

Employees love their work and don't leave as fast when...

  • Leaders are engaged
  • Onboarding and training practices are in place
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear
  • Communication is transparent
  • Opportunities to develop are abundant
  • Managers are humble and empower their people

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first."
-Simon Sinek 



My clients bring me in when they're ready to...



Review HR infrastructure, create an employee handbook, provide interim HR leadership.


Define an onboarding plan to improve team cohesion and enhance retention.


Develop a unique, engaging employer brand rooted in important core values.


Lead workshops that enhance communication, collaboration, management capabilities, and “conflict tolerance.”


Create a hiring plan to get the right people on board.


Coach and train leaders at all levels to become more effective and confident.


"Stephanie is a sophisticated Human Resources executive. She has been an asset to me on projects, providing strategic HR counsel on complicated client engagements, including new hire onboarding, leadership development and succession planning initiatives. Stephanie is accessible and direct and has a the ability to distill clarity from complexity. I highly recommend her as a resource to any organization."

Amy Hirsh Robinson  |  Principal, Interchange Consulting Group