Being the leader is not easy.

You have stresses and pressures few can relate to. You need to motivate and manage in ways that get things done while fending off scrutiny and doubt. I can help alleviate this tension by giving you straight advise when you need it most. I'll help you elevate your leadership to create a performance-driven culture that truly works.

One-on-one executive coaching helps you identify where your intentions and behaviors match up, and even more importantly, where they don’t.

The coaching process holds up a mirror so that you gain full and honest awareness of your leadership style (what’s working and what isn’t) and chart a plan for filling in the gaps. No one said leading others to greatness was easy, but a coach (a sounding board and confidante) sure makes it easier.



When you're ready to embark on the truly transformative experience of examining your leadership chops, you will...


Develop strong self-awareness for improved decision-making.


Learn how to get things done with equal parts empathy and backbone.


Root out organizational weak points and implement systems to increase overall efficiency.


Reveal where your intentions and actions are misaligned (and fix it).


Communicate with greater clarity (to minimize team conflict).


Learn the keys to attracting, engaging, retaining, and rewarding the right team members.


Understand the psychology of human motivation.


Stop overreacting to mini-crises—stay focused on overarching goals.


Navigate tricky relationships and high-stakes conversations with more confidence.


"I didn't think I'd have much to learn from an executive fact, I spent much of MY professional life coaching others. Stephanie's advice is both solid and sound, and I know that the benefits of her coaching will serve me extremely well, both professionally as well as personally. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Mark McCann  |  Advisor, Advice and Counsel (Human Resources) at CVS Health