Just like many of you, I know how frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive HR complications can be.

For the past twenty years I've worked in the trenches with some of the world's premier brands, helping them sort out the complex people issues slowing them down.

Did you know your approach to HR (the structure and design of your HR function) is where your culture begins?

If you've struggled to: 

  • hire (and keep) the right people

  • create environments and systems to keep them engaged and loving their jobs

  • lead with unshakable personal resilience, optimism, and patience

Then I can guarantee that your culture—all the little things that make your office feel encouraging, supportive, exciting, and fun—are totally out of alignment with what you intend. And that is absolutely undermining your organization's ability to get important things done in cost effective ways.

I've worked with enough leaders over the past two decades (from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms) to say with total confidence that culture is the heartbeat of your company and makes everything else you set out to do succeed (or not). Much like a world-class athlete, you need to constantly strengthen and optimize it to win.

Working with Stephanie is like working with a down-to-earth friend who will give it to you straight—without judgement or executive geek speak.

Your company's situation is unique, which is why your people solutions need to be custom-tailored.

None of this happens off the shelf. This work is unique to you and your company and it reflects your values, your beliefs about people and your strategy to win. I partner closely with each of my clients to uncover these fundamental aspects so that solutions become clear and strategic goals are aligned and realized. 

Lastly, I bring proven mindfulness and stress-reduction practices to my client relationships, largely coming from the teachings of yoga. Personally, I have have derived great inner resilience and balance from my own daily yoga practice for the past 25 years.

To me, all of this is important because thriving work cultures originate from thriving leaders. If your management team is wound tight and leading with emotion rather than honest connection, you won't be able to create the change you desire. I'll help you (and your team) slow down and tap into your authentic leadership brilliance so you can untangle your team's people snags with courage and clarity and finally see the results you've been wanting.